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Apakah malaysia akan jadi begini

Isnin, 16 Ogos 2010 | 0 comments

Councils are using taxpayers money to pay for prostitutes, visits to lap-dancing clubs and exotic holidays for the disabled, it emerged today.
One local authority has even agreed to pay for a 21-year-old with moderate learning disabilities to visit a sex worker in Amsterdam next month.
His trip will be paid for using money from a £520million scheme introduced by the last government which was designed to empower people with disabilities.

Sex holiday: A local authority has even agreed to pay for a 21-year-old with moderate learning disabilities to visit a prostitute in Amsterdam
Payments are transferred directly from council funds to service users who can then decide exactly how to spend it - so long as it meets their eligible needs.
The man's social worker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they would be violating his human rights if they refused to let him use the money for sex.
His client - an angry, frustrated and anxious young man - has a need for sex, he claimed, and his job as a social worker was to meet his needs.
'He's planning to do more than just have his end away - he's having a holiday,' said the social worker. 'It's the first time he's left the country.'
One man who suffers from a brain injury has even had 'sex work' built into his council care package.
Organised by an occupational therapist, his liaisons were designed to teach him to become sexually self-reliant after his wife left him and took all their money.
Since then it has increased his confidence and restored his faith in women, care workers said.

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